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Find your passion. Ask yourself “what is the one thing that accomplishment of which will

One Thing

One thing

make everything else easier or unnecessary” Gary Keller Keller Williams. Attracting resources to your cause requires focus. What do you do that’s exciting? That activity to which you are drawn. Hours pass in moments. You feel energized, inspired empowered. We each have these passions. These are what fill you with desire to create.  Designing Success Strategies is such a project for me. Each module is a labor of love. We are bringing together talent from a cross section of industries. Each person will share their secrets to success.  We will unpack these success strategies and show you how to install them in your business. In the works of Tony Robbins “Success leaves clues”. Content that matters comes from inspiration sparked by clarity of purpose. To your success!!

Companies of all sizes that wanted to succeed now know that: Content is what people want. Content is what people share. Content is what makes buying decisions happen. Those realizations, in turn, require great content creators via 2014: The Year of the Rainmaker

What you believe determines your success

Many believe that success is all made up of luck. That wealth is the result of greed and taking advantage of others. Many see the wealthy as selfish, ruthless and uncaring people. What is that was a false assumption? What is it were possible to become a steward of

Wealth selfish

Greed as wealth

wealth for the betterment of others. As have studied success I’ve found wonderful examples of loving caring giving people that are changing the word for the better. I challenge you to be one of these people.

The purpose of Designing Success Strategies is to find other like minded people. Those wanting to make a difference.  The material in the course is transformative. Hundreds of hours of thought provoking interviews, research, analysis and production work has created a step by step process dedicated to helping people achieve the next level of success in their business. If you have hit a ceiling in your business and just can’t seem to push through to the next level, then “Designing Success Strategies might be for you” If you want life altering change then it stands to reason you need to consider trying something new. Success is a belief. The next level of success is just waiting for you to take that step. The step that will set events in motion, forever transforming you into what you were always meant to become.

The hardest thing a brand can do is convince – to go against what people already believe and to ask them to believe something different. Actually, that’s not just true for brands, it’s applicable to anything or anyone. In the scheme of natural human interactions, conversion is relatively rare. To succeed at convincing, you need to overcome all the natural resistance that comes with encountering something new. Essentially, you need to break down all the inclination that has already amassed for an idea or a storyline. You need to destroy the loyalty that already exists for what people have and replace its equity. That’s amazingly difficult via The Limits Of Marketing

The power to change for the better

What if change were easy? What is it were possible to just decide and change the direction of your life.  What if each and every apparent obstacle was a clue to even greater discovery. The process of developing “Designing Success Strategies” was based on asking these very questions. The course was actually my process of transformation. It started with and idea then grew as I did. It’s never too late to learn become empowered and make a difference. It all starts with a willingness to do so. As always, it’s up to you. Make a difference starting today.

Looking for a simple trick to make your New Year’s commitment more sticky? Here’s an easy adjustment endorsed by psychologists. If you’re looking for excuses not to bother

New Years resolution

New year’s resolution

with a New Year’s Resolution this year, the internet has you covered. A quick google search will give you post after post after post explaining why most resolutions are doomed from the start due to various quirks of human nature. Depending on which study you reference, nearly nine-out-ten end of year commitments end up quickly falling by the wayside, according to this pessimistic pile up of articles.But what if this year you’re determined to beat those odds and make permanent positive changes to your life or business?  via Why January 1st Is the Worst Day to Make Resolutions


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“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.

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