Fail often & succeed big

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The key to success is failure

I’ve been on an interesting journey the last 60 days. I filed for divorce, moved into a place

The success in failing

Failing your way to success

by myself, started a physical fitness program and began creating a personal development course, for release in Jan 2014. Every routine I had was completely disrupted and I decided to use the turmoil as an opportunity. The 1st month was very uncomfortable.  I tried staying drunk for the 1st week and found it rather unfulfilling and counter productive. With my new found interest in trying new things, I’ve discovered that life is an adventure. I’m in Los Vegas this week on business. Yesterday I stopped into a high end skincare shop. They offer products like a non surgical facelift for $5500. I decided to get a facial and ended up spending $800 0n products. It was a fascinating process. I had great fun and met some great people in the store. I chalane all my reader to set aside your ruts try some new things and stop worrying about being perfect. Let’s all make 2014 the best year ever. Filed with abundance fun and success.  Take a minute and reserve your FREE seat for the live event Success Strategies 2014 

3 Ways Perfectionism Kills Innovation. So much of the trepidation around innovation and creativity comes from the fear of screwing it all up. The anxiety of entertaining the idea that whatever you’re thinking about or working on will blow up in your face, or wreck your career, or make you look like a total idiot. You’re scared of appearing flawed or vulnerable, or showing off an idea that everyone else will gleefully drag through the mud — basically, it’s the fear of not being perfect. via Beyond the Great Idea: November Roll-Up

Treat your customers like partners

Social media offers a wonderful opportunity for collaboration with you customers. How better to design products and services that are exactly what customers need other then having them help design your products and services in development. New perspectives for overlooked opportunity can be handed to you on a silver platter by your own

Learn from your customers

Customers as partners

customers. Get them involved from the start and build products that they really want. This is especially cool for small entrepreneurial businesses. I’ve opened the door for my personal development course, sending out samples to potential using and getting their input on what they like. It is making the deliverable unique and removing all the guess work from what my clients want.

It’s easy to underestimate the huge changes that have taken place in the dynamics of the brand-customer relationship in recent years. Brands and consumers are now engaged at whole new levels of familiarity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al haven’t just brought people closer, they have enabled entirely new types of brand community to evolve and develop via Brands And The New Customer Relationship

 Great ideas for supercharging your LinkedIn profile 

Although LinkedIn has a smaller subscriber base the facebook it is peopled with those focused on business development rather than socializing just to pass time. It’s a great tool for business development and one I count on for leads.

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your LinkedIn profile? Are you looking for ways to get noticed and attract

LinkedIn business success

Business development with linkedIn

more business opportunities on LinkedIn? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. What is LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio? LinkedIn launched Professional Portfolio to showcase […] via How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Professional Portfolio

Strategies for success 2014, Module One of 12, for release in January 

The 5 “Must have” Elements to succeed in Business TODAY

“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.

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