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A star is born?

Does effort make a difference? Are you born to your lot in life or can you decide the

Nature or nuture

Is a star is born or grown

quality of your life? Everything important in life requires a huge amounts of effort over time. Mastery is the reward of thoughtful relentless practice. Working through challenges creates and increases the neural connections in the brain an increases intelligence.

Achievement is not the result of effortless superiority but the rather the rewards of accomplishment when overcoming obstacles. What if the very act of practice over time transforms who you are and what you become. What if errors and set backs are the very requirement needed to become excellent and make a profound difference to the quality of your life and your happiness. Detecting, processing and correcting error is the path to excellence. Celebrate your challenges, learn, grow and succeed. “Designing Success Strategies” is the study of this process and learning to overcome and prosper from challenge and set backs.

One day last November, psychology professor Carol Dweck welcomed a pair of visitors from the Blackburn Rovers, a soccer team in the United Kingdom’s Premier League. The Rovers’ training academy is ranked in England’s top three, yet performance director Tony Faulkner had long suspected that many promising players weren’t reaching their potential. Ignoring the team’s century-old motto—arte et labore, or “skill and hard work”—the most talented individuals disdained serious training.

On some level, Faulkner knew the source of the trouble: British soccer culture held that star players are born, not made. If you buy into that view, and are told you’ve got immense talent, what’s the point of practice? If anything, training hard would tell you and others that you’re merely good, not great. Faulkner had identified the problem; but to fix it, he needed Dweck’s help. Read More 

Effortful Success

The struggle of working toward something important is the secret of amazing success. The less you start out knowing, the more mistakes you make. As you learn to overcome, a

Learn to win

Success is learned

wonderful life experience is enjoyed.  Working on something outside of your comfort zone is the very essence of getting smarter and raising your IO. Just like muscles become larger and stronger by working against heavier and heaver weight, so your brain grows in intelligence from working though complex and perhaps even overwhelming problems, until they are solved.

I started Income Alternatives as a journey of discovery. I wanted to understand what causes excellence, achievement and fulfillment. I’ve learned its not where you start but rather what you are willing to learn that makes the big difference. Einstein was labeled as an idiot by his teachers as a child. Michael Jordan was cut from his Jr high school basketball team for lack of talent. I was born with no musical talent according to experts  but went on to received many “A” grades in school orchestra and to play guitar for a living for 10 years.

I’m not suggesting that everyone can be Einstein or Michael Jordan but that we only discover our true potential by struggling against what we seem not to be able to do. Goals set based on what you understand at the time you set them, will often need adjustment as you learn along the way. Goals are just to get you started toward a destination. Where you end up is an adventure to be enjoyed along the way.

Ruby Wax delivers her second secular sermon on the themes of Madness and Mindfulness, and takes to our pulpit  to show us how the mind itself can jeopardise its own health.

Drawing on her critically acclaimed new book, Sane New

Ruby Max on madness

Madness to mindfulness

World, she will help us understand how we might break the cycle of unhelpful thought patterns that lead to anxiety and stress.

By understanding better how our brains work, she argues, we can learn to rewire our thinking and find calm in a frenetic world. To help us, Wax will seek to help us start becoming more the master, and less the slave, of our own mind.  See More

Easy Business Plan for Success

The 5 “Must have” Elements to succeed in Business TODAY

“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.

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