High Income Selling Strategies

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Picking your niche

The more targeted your marking focus the more likely it becomes to reach your ideal

Narrow your target

Niche Target Marketing

client with your message. Detailed research is essential.  The needs of your client dictates the message required to garner their interest.  The narrower your audience and the more specifically your ad amy crafted for better your marketing results.

If you want to do business with doctors, then it’s best to reduce that category to its subset, specialists. Specialists earn larger incomes and can spend more on what you’re selling.  For example, target neurologist, orthopedic surgeons or anesthesiologist. All top earners with a language of their own. Learn to speak their language, rise above the din a acquire more quality clients.

What do they want?

Once you determine who your ideal client may be it’s time to discover exactly what they need. Start with a Google search: “What concerns orthopedic surgeons”

Orthopedic surgeons Concerns

Orthopedic surgeons Concerns

When reading the article you will find the Health Care reform was a hot topic at the time this article was written in Dec 2010.

Next contact a few orthopedic doctors and ask if this is still true today? Its a perfect excuse to speak with these high income professionals. Ask them what are the best professional associations of which they are a member and the best journals they read. Contact these associations and ask them the most pressing issues of the day for their members. Subscribe to the recommend journals. You are on you way to understanding the anatomy of your prospective client.

What to do next?

Notice who are the influencers in this professional group. Who has received recognition and or awards for outstanding achievements? Clip articles have them laminated, order a bronze plaque commemorating the achievement and deliver it to the doctor. Do you

Ask the right questions

Ask the doctor

imagine that might get their attention?  Once you do get to know them, ask how it is they became so successful? Find out what they believe are the most pressing issues of the day for those in their profession. Have fun with the process. It is the doorway to doing business with wealthy people, having more fun and making a lot more money.

High Income Business Strategies

“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.

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