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 Your biggest asset for more business

In the frantic hunt for new buyers, look 1st in your own backyard. With over three

Market like a rockstar

Make money online like a rockstar

decades in business, I’ve learned that my greatest asset is my existing customer base. Fortunes are spent every year looking for new buyer. Those with whom you have no relationship. It takes a lot of time to build trust with someone you don’t know. Ad costs continue to climb. Buyers are harder and harder to acquire in a market crowded with me to offers. Paying special attention to existing customers is the best marketing dollar investment.  A referral is a terrible thing to squanders.

Some rock stars know how to wield social media … They use it to inspire greater devotion in their fans and help those folks spread their awesomeness in social networks. So, how can you use social media like a true rock star? Among the highlights of the podcast is the lesson to focus on your biggest fans to deepen the existing relationships and help those fans bring in new ones. Companies tend to focus on marketing campaigns to bring in new customers, but social media-savvy rockstars know your biggest fans (and their enthusiasm and energy) will inspire others to know more about you and purchase your products. via Think (and Market) Like a Rock Star [Visual Sketchnotes]

The best salespeople are real animals

One of our fun ad campaigns is “Make Money Posting Pictures”. It features pictures of animals, children and other attention grabbing pics with a link to an offer. It worked very well for us on Facebook, acquiring over 4,000 fans in a short time. To make money online it’s wise being creative. Have fun and enjoy the process and buyers will be attracted to you and your offers.

Your boss doesn’t get social media, or maybe it’s your obnoxious Uncle Craig who doesn’t get what you do all day at work. You can’t blame them. There are so many social networks

Sell like an animal

Animals make the best sales persons

on the web today that tracking them all can be hard. But what if cute animals were there to help explain the power of social media?

That’s how this social media campaign started. Here’s a look at how it started and what we learned from the campaign via Six Lessons From a Social Media Contest for Pet Lovers

Color my world with income online

When I was playing guitar in clubs, one of the hit tunes of the day was “Color My World”. Color evokes emotional response fast. The contract in colors of elements effects a buyers

Color sells more online

The color of buy to make money online

response rate, to a call to action “CTA” requests like a “BUY NOW” button. In one study a red CTA button outperformed a GREEN CTA button by 21%. Wow, that’s a significant margin. Another study, cited in the article below, found that in the 1st 90 second of a meeting, a person makes 90% of the decision on how they feel about it, based on color. To make the most money online, it’s wise to color the results in your favor.

You might not think much about it, but we experience the world through colors. Every day, in all we do, we respond to the colors around us. That has implications for your marketing. via Three Ways to Juice Your Marketing Results Using Color

The delicate balace of cashing good will for income online

There exists a delicate balance between good will and sales offers online. Some believe the ratio is 80/20 in favor of giving to asking, other say 50/50. Either way it’s a delicate dance maximizing customer value. The deeper the relationship built with a customer base the more receptive they are to buying your offers. Push to hard  and you run the risk of burning out the relationship and driving buyer away. When marketing on facebook, I’ve learned that if my selling cycle is too harsh or too long that I shutdown my fans. They start to ignore my posts or even unlike my page.  Give before you receive. Invest in your customer base and they will gladly buy your offers.

It’s no secret that Facebook is heavily focused on improving the content of its News Feed. The company has made a number of recent announcements around the News Feed, not to mention that it’s running several tests, too. When Facebook recently announced its focus on high-quality content… via Facebook News Feed Survey Asks Users: How Many Ads Are Too Many Ads? [Screenshots]

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