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Squeeze Page & Auto Responder

Squeeze page & auto responder lead capture is amazing. I spent weeks reading boring dry articles and watching countless tedious videos on the science and art of squeeze page creation. I know that to make money online, one must build a list. Learning how to make money online takes time. The easy way to make money online is with a sound system.

 Squeeze page & auto responder made easy

Epic Squeeze Pro is a simple point and click Word Press plugin created for FAST and easy squeeze page creation. It can be learned in one short sitting. Epic squeeze perfect for squeeze page & auto responder pairing.

Make Money online Squeeze page & auto responders

Make Money online Squeeze page & auto responders

The FREE videos that come with the plugin are easy to follow. I purchased Epic Squeeze Pro for only $47 and it’s worth every penny. Word Press is a FREE software that can stand alone. For superior marketing results set it up with a web hosting company. I use Namecheap for domain purchase and Hostgator for work press and squeeze page hosting. 

I also recommend that you select Linux as the operating environment, rather then Windows, for best speed and performance in Word Press.

Epic Squeeze Pro allows the user to select really cool back ground images. I have one of my squeeze pages set up with a full motion video of ocean waives on the beaches of Fiji. You can see in this example an effective squeeze page & auto responder to make money online

Save time and make money online with a squeeze page & auto-responder

There are a number of auto responder available that work with a squeeze pages. I chose GetResponse because reviews indicated it was the easiest to learn and use. You can try it for 30 days FREE and then sign up for 3 different plans. The one I selected is $25 per month and allows you to manage a list of up to 2500 email addresses. You simply login,

Make Money Online Get Response

Make Money Online Get Response

create a web form, create a campaign, and your ready to go.  Epic Squeeze Pro page creator can be integrated with GetResponse with a couple of additional steps. Watch the Create a web response form while watching the instructional video in the program. Here are the simple steps to creating a squeeze page with auto responder integration.

  1. Login to “GetResponse”
  2. On the Dashboard select the Massage drop down box for “Create follow up”
  3. Select new email creator
  4. Add a title and subject then click next on the right bottom
  5. From “Templates” select start from scratch
  6. Select blank template
  7. Select, drag then drop “Text box” to center of page
  8. Click next bottom right
  9. Add your content
  10. Click next
  11. Save WebForm
  12. Co to Web form list
  13. Select View source click
  14. Select View HTML and Copy code
  15. Open Epic Squeeze Pro squeeze page plugin
  16. Select the squeeze page for code addition
  17. Select Edit squeeze page
  18. Scowl down to Opt-in below the squeeze page content
  19. Select Auto-Responder tab
  20. Paste the code in the Auto-responder squeeze page box
  21. Save/Update

Squeeze page & auto responder are essential how to make money online.

It’s a lot of steps to building a squeeze & auto responders but well worth the time investment to make money online. Enjoy the process, experiment, track results and adjust. Start using a squeeze page & auto responder immediately. Attract, meet and enjoy people filtered through the sales funnel and start to make money online.


Money Online with David D McElroy’s Make Money Master Master Mind

“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.”

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