Stress for success

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Stress for success

Timing and opportunity have a lot to do with success when combined with preparation.

Success preparation

Stress for success

When I started “Designing Success Strategies ” people would ask me to tell them what it was that I did. My answers were very confusing, judging from the questions that followed. I attended a few networking events, which provided opportunity to practice my explanation in front of a live audience.  The experience allowed me to refine my delivery. Now when I’m asked what I do I  state that “I have a consulting company that helps business people double their income in 12 months” Simple clean and concise. It opens the door for answering questions that are pertinent to the listener’s frame of reference.

Imagine for a second that you’re in an elevator. The doors have just opened and the CEO of your large multi-national company steps in. It’s just you and him. One of you flies in his own plane…the other brings his own sack lunch to work. You’ve never met your CEO before, and this is your big chance. What happens next? Does your heart race? Do your palms start to sweat? Do you stammer out a few words of introduction? As Brett and Kate wrote last year, stress can have a dramatic affect on a man’s ability to perform under high-risk scenarios. That great post demonstrated how psychologically stressful situations can lead to a dramatic decline in mental and physical abilities.

The usual types of scenarios where this phenomenon occurs is in high-risk, life or death situations. However, you don’t need to be staring down the barrel of a gun or cornered by a grizzly for your heart to start racing and your mental and physical faculties to break down.  This phenomenon can and does frequently occur when your life may not be on the line but your career or professional future may be, such as the hypothetical elevator encounter described above. Read More 

The Price of Something Worthwhile

Greatness is not granted but rather earned through perseverance. Pushing through or going around obstacles is the basis for success. Temporary setbacks, delays and surprises provide the learning experience required for mastery. Whether learning a sport, musical instrument or business its all in how you respond to what happens along the way.

One of the great swing guitar players of history is “DJango Reinhardt”. His left hand was severely burned, leaving him maimed and absent a finger on his left hand. Because of that

Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt

injury he developed a fingering style that revolutionized swing guitar playing.

I have profound dyslexia. As a result learning to read was difficult. The gift of that experience was  learning the value of perseverance, allowing me to sustain working toward a goal beyond what may be reasonable to most people. The gifted business consultant the late Chet Holmes called it pig head determination. Read the Ultimate Sale Machine for more insight to his brilliance.

My mother was told, “I’d never be able to learn to play a musical instrument by the school experts. Fortunately, she did not share that insight with me and I started playing the bass in the orchestra at age 9. I went on to play in honors orchestra and then to playing guitar for a living for 10 years. The experts were however correct in determining that I had little or no natural ability for music. Yes you guessed it, learning to play was extremely difficult for me. The result was a passion in my playing style that touched the hearts of many and still fills me with joy to this day. Thank GOD for your short cummings. In them may hide your most profound learnings, if you are willing to work diligently enough to earn them.

Anything worth accomplishing will come with a large dose of uncertainty, dedication, and sacrifice. Becoming successful and using our potential doesn’t just happen. It is a process that requires hard work, personal growth, and a positive attitude.

Reaching our aspirations requires the ability to cope with failure and persist during moments of doubt. If we can count on anything it’s that we’ll have to shake off worry, self-doubt, fear, and exhaustion from time to time.

The last post I published was about staying committed to your mission and life’s purpose. As much as the post offered ideas to stay motivated and uncover a purposeful pursuit, it didn’t cover how to fully handle those points when success seems out of reach.

Often success is just around the corner if we can stick with it through those uncertain times.

Before throwing in the towel consider these six barriers to success and prepare to overcome them.

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“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.

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