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 YouTube Call to Action Overlays

Supercharge online ways to make money online from home with YouTube Call to Action Overlays. It’s really cool. You must have a FREE Google Adwords account. Once set up make sure you link all your YouTube account to have access to all video you may wish to install the CTA banner ad. Here is the link to get started

Make Money Online YouTube CTA overlay

Make Money Online Google Adwords with YouTube CTA

Once set up, now on to the fun stuff. Few people are using this powerful tool to drive traffic to their web site. For the cost of only 1 penny per click ,you can capture more traffic for your site then you thought possible  Its easy and really cool to set up and use the YouTube Call to Action Overlay for fun and profit.

Make Money Online AdWords for YouTube Videos.

Once Google Adwords account is set up just go to Adwords for Video

Mkae Money Online YouTube Adwords for Video

Make Money Online YouTube Adwords for Video


Go ahead and get started. Click on Campaigns, New Video Ad, and set budget for $10.00 per day. Don,t worry, At only penny per click, it would take 1000 clicks to spend that amount and that would be clicks not views. Any good sales site receiving 1000 hits would generate significant revenue. YouTube Call to Action Overlay, is one of the hidden secret  of YouTube marketing success. 

Now click on the button that looks like this

Make Money Online New Video

Make Money online + New Video




Then click This Button and select the video from those you have published on YouTube

Make Money Online CTA select video

Make Money Online YouTube CTA overlay select video






Example of  YouTube Video Call to Action Overlay

YouTube Call to Action Overlay “CTA” is one on the most powerful YouTube techniques for driving traffic 1st to one’s YouTube video and main website. It create a path from Google Adwords to a YouTube video then onto a linked site. YouTube Video Traffic Generator drives viewers to your site so you can make money online like never before.

Once a video is selected, complete the boxes with headlines and description and click save.

The final step in the YouTube Video Call to action overlay

Now simply go to YouTube login select video manager. Click on the YouTube Video Call to Action overlay subject you’ve selected and click edit. Below the video, you will see a choice for Call to action Overlay. Now just play the video and see the cool result you’ve created. Its that easy. Wow what a great tool for building cheap traffic for your web site and to make money online like a pro.

The best ways to making money online from home are not by luck but the result of a well planned system.


Money Online with David D McElroy’s Make Money Master Master Mind

“It’s the little things done consistently over time that makes the big difference.”

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